Vagina Academy: an online school dedicated to women and intimate health

An online school promoted by the brand Bayer Gyno-Canesten Inthima Cosmetic Soothing and aimed at young women

Following the success of the first edition of Vagina Academy, a digital education project promoted by the Gyno-Canesten brand Inthima Cosmetic Lenitivo and dedicated to female intimate health, Bayer has launched the 2022 edition with new young influencers protagonists and new taboos to discover and break.

In the role of lead teacher returns Ambra Garretto, the Milanese gynecologist who with a direct and unveiled language has won the interest of over 50,000 followers on her Instagram profile and who in the first edition of Vagina Academy accompanied students and users to discover the female intimate universe. Next to her, as a guest lecturer, alternates the sexologist and TikToker Sabina Fasoli.

The lessons of the experts were followed by a new all-female class composed of influencers active on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok particularly engaged in awareness-raising activities on issues not only of intimate health but also of inclusion and gender equality: Momoka Linda Jinglin, Chiara Pieri, Charlie Moon, Silvia Buratto, Alice Luvisoni and Alessia Lanza. Once the course of study was completed, the students took a final exam to test their acquired knowledge.

Throughout the campaign, influencers involved their communities with quizzes and interactive stories, to break down taboos on intimate education together.

The topics covered range from notions on female pleasure, to the ABC of sexually transmitted diseases, from mistakes to avoid in intimate hygiene to the different aspects of contraception. To accompany the lessons, a series of creative workshops involved the students, inviting them to get involved in first person and to share anecdotes and curiosities about the way they live their intimacy.

“I am sure that a brand that speaks to a wide audience like ours, must make its contribution to a communication as wide and direct as possible, without conditioning and unnecessary taboos – commented Carlo Mazzarese, Dermatology Category Lead in Bayer’s Consumer Health Division -. With Vagina Academy 2.0 we wanted to take an important step also in favor of the issues of diversity and inclusion, telling that it is possible to do intimate female education in a frank but correct way. Expressing and celebrating diversity is also one of the goals and values of a brand like Gyno-Canesten Inthima Cosmetic Soothing.”

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