Tanning: tricks to keep it for a long time

You have to think about it from the first sun, protecting the skin and moisturizing it well.

You have to think about it from the first sun, protecting the skin and moisturizing it well. And when you return, the attention must be even more. Here are the secrets to make the tan last even in autumn.

Something can be done, certainly. But you should not hope to keep your skin tanned indefinitely.

The skin, after the summer, is destined to lose melanin in a maximum of 28 days. And already after about ten days from the farewell to the beach the most superficial layers peel, leaving the typical patchy complexion.

The tips therefore, rather than to prolong the tan, serve to limit superficial damage, such as spots and stripping, as well as skin photoaging.

Hydration is essential

Losing the tan is a natural process: it happens because the outermost layers of the epidermis are renewed and dead cells peel out.

To buffer the damage it is very useful to constantly moisturize and nourish the skin. It is enough to apply throughout the summer and every day a good after-sun. A habit that must be maintained even when returning from vacation.

Especially after the shower and before going to sleep, it is a good rule to apply a moisturizing product to the skin, perhaps based on shea butter.

It contains vitamins and nutrients essential for the skin, moisturizes it thoroughly and has regenerating properties. It is best to stay away from products that contain glycolic acid, a molecule that removes skin pigments.

It is better to avoid bubble baths and aggressive soaps. Using cleansing oils is a fundamental suggestion, because they allow you to gently clean the skin and, at the same time, deposit emollient, protective and elasticizing substances.

False myths

On tanning there are, on the net and in newspapers, so many urban legends.

First of all, it is good to clarify that there are no foods that promote tanning. Science says that at the limit there are some nutrients that seem able to protect against oxidation triggered by the sun’s rays.

What? Vitamins A and Ebeta carotenezinc and selenium. They can be taken with diet or supplements. In this case you can ask your pharmacist for an opinion.

Then the idea circulates that the more showers you take, the sooner the complexion disappears. It is false: to keep the tan longer, it is useful to prefer the shower to the classic bathroom.

But above all it is advisable to avoid hydromassage: the forced movement of water and air favors the detachment of the superficial cells of the skin.

There is also the self-tanning chapter: there are no products that stimulate the production of melanin. At the limit there are some that darken it a little, but it is an artificial tan and therefore has nothing to do with the natural one.

A few more tips

When the first patches begin to appear on the skin, you can resort to a gentle scrub, perhaps in the shower. Dead cells are eliminated and the skin becomes radiant again.

The face requires special treatments: the skin should be washed with very delicate products and it is a good idea to apply, even after returning to the city and for at least ten days, a nourishing mask.

Finally, in September. If the weather permits, it is useful to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine, perhaps taking a walk outdoors during the lunch break or carving out a weekend at the beach or in the countryside.

Usually half an hour is enough to “fix” the color and make it last longer. Even in these cases, if the sun is strong, sunscreens must be applied.

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