Plants that give energy

For a boost of energy, here are the remedies that nature offers to invigorate body and mind.

For those who feel exhausted, from the heat and too many worries, here are some green remedies. To regenerate, and not only: energizing infusions and adaptogenic extracts

The days never end. And the first warm weather seems to us to reduce even more the already scarce energies. Don’t panic. It takes little to recover: the right drink, based on herbs or plants, which reintroduces the necessary liquids with the addition, perhaps, of some extra advantage: a full of energy.

So, first of all, let’s drink “green”: starting from smoothies or fruit and vegetable juices (prefer mango and banana) that provide vitamins and mineral salts.

But also infusions that contain regenerating, invigorating and mildly exciting substances, so as not to fade with fatigue in view of the long summer evenings.

A cup of energy

Need ready energy? The choice falls on drinks that possess properties that can stimulate the central nervous system. They are called, in fact, nervine.

Coffee. It is obtained from the seeds of the plants Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta, suitably processed. Coffee promotes alertness, but it is also a cardiotonic and can be diuretic.

It contains niacin, which promotes brain function. In general, however, it is not recommended to take more than 3 coffees a day and, obviously, the decaffeinated one does not produce the lashing effect of the classic cup.

Tea. It is the infusion of the leaves of a plant of Asian origin, Camellia sinensis. The varieties are countless but, basically, they are all rich in substances that stimulate the nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

In particular, white tea, very precious, is an accelerator of metabolism; Green tea is an antioxidant and black tea improves concentration.

Cola. From the seeds of the fruits of Cola acuminata, an African plant also widespread in South America, energy drinks are produced as they contain tannins, caffeine and theobromine that act, as well as on the nervous system, also on the muscles.

They know this well in Brazil or Jamaica, where it is customary to chew kola nuts to relieve fatigue. In some ways Cola can be considered a tonic, so much so that supplements based on this substance are used by athletes (under medical supervision).

Yerba mate. It is a widespread herb in South America, it is tasted in infusion and provides an energy boost thanks to the high content of vitamins, minerals and caffeine. And it is often used against states of physical fatigue since it also acts on the muscles.

Guarana. It is obtained from the seeds of a South American plant, Paullinia capuana. In Brazil, a drink is prepared that reduces the feeling of fatigue and therefore improves physical efficiency.

We use the dry extract nebulized and titrated in caffeine min. 3%. It is a rather important stimulant (5 times more exciting than coffee), able to act on the heart rate, so it should be taken under medical supervision.

A caffeine-free aid

Caffeine-free are instead plants called adaptogens, that is, capable of increasing physical resistance and stimulating the body’s immune defenses.

Plant Effects
Eleutherococcus The plant, also known as Siberian Ginseng, exploits the roots, whose therapeutic properties are recommended in states of stress and overexertion. Increases physical performance and endurance
Ginseng It is perhaps the most famous oriental herb in the world (often recommended in case of sexual disorders such as impotence and frigidity) and its numerous properties have a beneficial action even in case of physical fatigue. It contains, in fact, important quantities of manganese, recognized as a powerful anti-fatigue. Invigorates and stimulates all vital functions
Rhodiola From the plant Rhodiola rosea, which grows wild in Lapland, Siberia and Alaska, the hydroalcoholic dry extract is prepared. It is able to delay the symptoms of fatigue and helps to optimize the use of energy during sports

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