“Mom, the folder weighs too much!!”

Five out of ten school-age children suffer from back pain. The fault, according to experts, is the excessive load of books and notebooks.

The bell rings, the alarm rings for the back of our children. As every year we discuss, the doctors warn, the newspapers talk about it, but then …

This year, however, the Italian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (Siot) also entered the discussion. Research conducted by specialists has shown that among 50 percent of children attending primary schools suffer from low back pain. Twice as many as their parents when they were the same age.

“Just between 6 and 10 years – explains Paolo Cherubino, president Siot, is the most important age group for musculoskeletal development and in which the children’s back is more delicate”.

To avoid problems, you must first be careful not to overload the backpack. To be preferred those with a padded backrest, but rigid, and with soft shoulder straps.

The total weight should not exceed 10-15 percent of the body weight. In any case, today there are backpacks with wheels, which can be dragged.

Posture is also important: spending hours and hours on a bench with a hunched back can lead to different disorders of the spine. “Many children and young people today spend several hours sitting in front of a screen, often with their backs hunched over or lying on the couch in extravagant positions,” adds the expert.

To avoid back problems, such as low back pain and more, it is essential to do sports at least once a week. “A trained body,” concludes Cherubino, “can better bear the weight of the backpack and a moving spine is the first prevention of back pain.”

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