Male sexuality, an evolving world

Male sexuality is in crisis. And the figure of the andrologist has not yet established itself. Yet much can be done for male sexual disorders.

They are confused and disoriented, the men of the third millennium. Between role crises and ambitions as leaders of the couple, it is often their sexuality that goes into crisis.

Some strut with pectorals and abs carved like marble. Others tone the body with saunas and massages, use chili cosmetics and seem confident in everything they do or say.

Yet, under the mask, the males of the third millennium are mostly disoriented, inhibited, frightened, in search of a lost identity.

It is since the seventies, when the feminist movement overturned patriarchal society and millennial machismo like a sock, that men entered into crisis.

They are no longer the leaders in society and not even under the sheets. Before they did not even pose the problem that love, the true one, is made in two. That both partners must be satisfied. Male pleasure was enough for both.

Today, however, in addition to having gradually lost the security of the social role they had until the end of the twentieth century, they are constantly under examination.

Many are afraid of sex, in the sense that they live it as a test to be passed, not as a game to be shared.

Hence the thousand fears, ranging from the size of the penis to the duration of intercourse. And the consequent explosion of the phenomenon “sex in chat”, in which thanks to anonymity you can pretend to be anyone.

Andrologist, the doctor of the male

Male sexuality, with the related problems that concern it, is not yet experienced by men in the right way.

A litmus test of this phenomenon is the use of the specialist doctor: if for women, for many years now, the gynecologist is the reference doctor for any disorder that may concern the sexual and reproductive sphere, for men it is not the same.

There are still few, indeed very few, males going to the andrologist: this specialist has not yet established himself as the man’s doctor.

Mostly the andrologist is turned to educated males, well informed, and in any case still carrying many fears.

To confirm this, it is enough to think that the most frequent sexual problems, among men, are those concerning orgasm and ejaculation. But they are not the ones for which, more frequently, we turn to the andrologist.

You go to the specialist more than anything else when an erection disorder arises. Probably because in the male imagination there is the belief, very right, that an erection deficit can be cured. There is still no widespread opinion that other problems can also be treated.

Sex is a game, to be lived in freedom

There is no going back, so it is impossible to hypothesize a return to the role of the single leader of the male within the couple.

That said, experts think it should be remembered that sex is a game. It’s not a class assignment where you are challenged.

Being a game, you must first know the rules of the game. And possibly change them only if the partner also agrees.

Like any game, to have fun, you have to try to keep stress and various problems away, focusing on yourself and the other.

It is precisely stress, widespread nowadays, one of the main obstacles to the full enjoyment of life as a couple.

Psychological tensions that can sometimes also be felt in terms of erection. A frank and open dialogue with the partner and a visit to an andrologist can really do a lot in these cases.

Today, however, there are drugs that can solve erectile dysfunction. There are several solutions, including some very discreet, which allow you to live the relationship in complete freedom.

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