If you take the bus you don’t risk the flu

Avoid crowded places so as not to catch colds & Co? An English research absolves public transport: it does not favor contagion.

Taking the bus, tram, metro or train does not increase the risk of contagion of influenza and other viruses typical of the winter season.

To deny one of those urban legends that returns every year, punctually, together with winter ailments is a research conducted by the Annual UK Flu Survey, in Great Britain.

To reach this conclusion, British infectious disease experts conducted a survey on the habits of the British in terms of nutrition, daily travel, attendance at closed environments (school, office, etc.).

It turned out that between those who go to work by public transport and those who use the car there are no differences: the risk of catching the flu is very similar.

Considering the peak of air pollution typical of this time of year, it is better to leave the car at home and go to work by bus.

If you want to know more about flu prevention, listen to the interview with Fabrizio Pregliasco and the opinion of the pharmacist of Empoweressence.

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