GAG: legs, abdomen, buttocks

Legs, abdomen and buttocks: GAG. It is a workout aimed at strengthening and toning the muscles of these three areas.

What is it

GAG is a term formed from the initial letters of the words Legs, Abdomen and Buttocks and indicates a training aimed at strengthening and toning these three areas and, more generally, the lower part of the body.

It consists of a series of exercises to be performed standing, on the ground or with the help of tools such as weights and boosts.

What is it for?

GAG is a very popular workout in gyms and fitness centers where it is generally used to shape the lower body.

But it is also recommended as specific training for athletes and amateur sportsmen who practice disciplines in which the legs and lower body must be particularly trained, such as, for example, running and football.

How to practice

The typical exercises of the GAG can be chosen depending on the difficulty and the district of the body to which they are specifically aimed, while the number of repetitions must be decided on the basis of the physical condition of those who perform them.

To understand what it is, here are some examples of exercises that can also be performed at home.


Exercise Execution
Frontal lunges Starting from the standing position with the legs slightly apart, bring one leg forward and slowly lean on it with weight of the body by bending it, so that the knee is aligned with the toe; slowly return to an upright position and perform the lunge with the other leg. If you want to make it more intense the exercise, you can hold weights with your hands while performing
Squat From the standing position with arms at the sides and legs apart as the width of the shoulders, slowly bend the legs carrying body down, and then slowly return to position initial


Exercise Execution
Crunch Lie on your back with your legs bent and your arms at your sides (or with your hands behind the nape of your neck), slowly lift your torso exhaling, and bringing it back to the ground by inhaling
Lateral flexion of the legs Lie on your back with a fixed support positioned beyond the head to which cling with your hands while keeping your arms outstretched, raising your legs fold and bring them slowly to the right without resting them on the floor; return to the starting position and repeat the exercise Bringing your legs to the left


Exercise Execution
Stretching of the legs backwards From the “four-legged” position, stretch out and raise the right leg back, then repeat with the left
Step Stand in front of a step or step, climb carrying the right foot on the rise and then also reuniting the left; slowly get off returning to the starting position; repeat the exercise starting with the left foot


Like all types of training, each GAG session should also be preceded by a warm-up period and followed by a cool-down phase. The warm-up should last 10-15 minutes and can be performed through a run (also on site or on the treadmill), jumping rope or the use of the stationary bike.

Who can practice it

The exercises aimed at toning the legs, abdomen and buttocks are many and of different complexity, and it is not difficult to find the most suitable ones for everyone; The intensity and number of repetitions must also be decided on the basis of the physical abilities of each individual.

It can be said, however, that many exercises that aim to strengthen the lower part of the body are not suitable for those suffering from back pain and, more generally, spinal problems.

As with any type of training, it is advisable to start the GAG with the support of an experienced person.

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