Fluoride: essential for bones and teeth, we find it especially in water and tea.

What is it

Widely used in nature, fluoride is a trace element present in the body, especially in teeth and bones.

Adequate intake is especially important in childhood to reduce the risk of dental caries and promote bone strengthening.

Food sources

Most of the fluoride taken with the diet comes from water and tea. Other, more modest sources are fish, seafood, meat, whole grains and some types of cheese.


Fluoride is essential for giving hardness to bones and tooth enamel as it helps the body retain calcium.

It acts as a catalyst for the mineralization of forming teeth and helps prevent tooth decay by reducing the risk of erosion by acids and plaque formation.

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Although rare, inadequate fluoride intakes are manifested by irregular formation of tooth enamel, dental caries, gum infections, bone fragility.

Recommended doses

Daily intake of fluoride varies by gender and age. The table below shows
the recommended doses. For adults the adequate daily intake is 3.5 mg in males and 3.0 mg in females; For children, the most effective and safe intake is lower and varies according to the age group considered. Let’s see it in detail.

Infants 6-12 months 0.4 mg
Children-adolescents 1-3 years 0.7 mg
4-6 years 1.0 mg
7-10 years 1.6 mg
Males 11-14 years 2.5 mg
15-17 years 3.5 mg
Females 11-14 years 2.5 mg
15-17 years 3.0 mg


Fluoride toxicity is observed at doses above 5 mg/kg per day.

Cases of chronic toxicity are observed only if the recommended doses are greatly exceeded and for a long time. In these cases, fluorosis can occur, a set of aesthetic alterations at the dental level.

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