Exercises on the plane (and not only) for fit legs

Tired and heavy legs: with the heat or on long air journeys the phenomenon can be accentuated. Here are the useful exercises.

Tired and heavy legs: with the heat the phenomenon can be accentuated. It happens especially when you stand or sit for a long time. Here’s what to do.

The reason for leg discomfort, especially when it is hot or you assume the same position for a long time, lies in the fact that the muscles of the legs do not receive enough blood, and therefore oxygen, to remain active.

The problems related to venous insufficiency concern over 55% of Italian women, young people between 35 and 40 years and ladies around 60. But these disorders can be remedied, with some precautions.

Counteracting venous stasis

The first rule to limit the inconvenience is not to stay too long in the same position. The venous stasis that would follow, in fact, could cause edema, that is, swelling, especially in the ankles.

The advice is to walk for at least half an hour a day, with comfortable footwear. At each step, in fact, a certain amount of blood is pushed upwards by the movement of the foot and the contraction of the calves.

Some herbal remedies are indicated for the prevention and treatment of circulation disorders as they help maintain intact blood vessels and connective tissues.

These are Centella, Ginko biloba and Escin. Before taking, however, always seek the advice of your doctor.

Attention especially in flight

During a plane trip the skin tends to dehydrate, it is possible to suffer from sudden headaches, but the legs are particularly affected, which tend to swell.

It is a good rule, during an airplane flight, to wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes that do not tighten the ankles. After the formalities at check-in, walk a bit at the airport before boarding.

Ready to go? The seat belt must not tighten. And then, it is better to avoid alcohol and coffee, preferring water, to drink in small sips and often.

If the journey is several hours, stretch your legs and get up at least every 2 hours. Every now and then, rotate your ankles. And never sit with your legs crossed. Practice “marching on the spot”: raise your knees well as if you were marching.

Once landed, move slowly and walk calmly. If possible, find a seat and use your suitcase or other to keep your legs a little elevated.

Leg-saving exercises

At your destination, after a long air journey, as well as at the end of a day of sightseeing or business meetings, it is good to always find those 10 minutes necessary for some leg-saving exercise.

Alternating pressure movements toe heel reactivate circulation, preferably barefoot, even when sitting.

Sitting with your back against a wall, spread apart and close your legs, taking care to tighten your toes.

On your stomach, bend and stretch your legs alternately. The leg that is raised will have the tip of the foot stretched, the one that remains on the ground, hammer.

Supini, legs raised: make small scissor movements, crossing at the ankles.

Finally, in bed, have fun looking at your feet with your legs raised, making them dance, better if the music is really there.

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