It acts on the central nervous system promoting sleep without giving daze to wake up.

What is it

The escolzia (Eschscholtzia californica) also called California poppy, is a herbaceous plant native to Mexico and California, up to 50 cm tall that grows in hot and arid areas, near the deserts that are located near the coasts.

The stem, flower and seeds are used for pain-relieving and sleep-promoting properties.


The escolzia is used because it acts on the central nervous system favoring sleep without giving daze to the awakening.

The action is due to the presence of benzylisoquinoline and benzophenanthridine alkaloids, the main of which is protopine.

It reduces the activity of the cells of the cerebral cortex, promoting muscle relaxation and stimulating sleep.

It also has a pain-relieving action because it acts as a sedative of the central nervous system.

She is more active in women than in men.

Clinical studies have shown that it can promote falling asleep and reduce nocturnal awakenings.

Why is it used

Escolzia is used in case of mild or moderate insomnia and as a mild painkiller and muscle relaxant, but not for prolonged periods because it can be addictive.

How to use it

5-6 mg per kg body weight of dry extract titrated in protopine is used at least 0.35%, in a single evening dose, before bedtime. Or use the mother tincture, also titrated.


None known.

Precautions for use

Escolzia is not recommended in children, pregnant and breastfeeding.


No drug interactions are known, although it is thought to interact with antiarrhythmic, antidepressant and hypotensive drugs.

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