Do you have migraines? Do not drink from plastic bottles

US study reveals the role of a chemical used to produce them in the onset of attacks.

Those who suffer from migraines, when they are thirsty, would do better to drink the “mayor’s” water, that is, the one that comes out of the tap. Because? Because according to a study carried out by Kansas University, published in the journal Toxicological Sciences, in plastic bottles there is a chemical, bisphenol A, which increases the frequency of attacks and also their intensity.

For the same reason, the approximately five million Italians who have to deal with this type of headache, should avoid cooking food directly in the microwave tray. Because bisphenol A is hiding there too.

We are talking about a substance banned only in products intended for newborns, such as baby bottles: some studies have highlighted a role of bisphenol A in the onset of heart attack, infertility and obesity.

If you want to know the difference between migraine and a normal headache read this article.

To demonstrate this correlation, the US experts administered bisphenol A to mice and found that after only half an hour they appeared less active, kept away from noise and lights, and showed typical signs of head soreness.

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