Bartolinitis causes, diagnosis and remedies

Bartolinitis: causes, diagnosis and remedies

Bartholinitis is an inflammation that affects one or both glands in the vulvar region.

Bartholin’s gland is a symmetrical gland at the base of the large right and left lip. It produces secretions useful for the lubrication of the vaginal area. Sometimes, however, his duct becomes occluded, the liquid does not come out, the gland can enlarge and, if it becomes infected, an abscess can form.

Diagnosis of Bartholinitis

A correct diagnosis of inflammation of a Bartholin’s gland does not require the use of an MRI, which is evidently a wasted technological resource and not adequate to the case. To diagnose a possible inflammation or even an abscess of the Bartholin’s gland, it is enough to simply observe and palpation the area.

Remedies for Bartholinitis

The choice of the type of intervention to limit the irritation of the area and therefore the further enlargement of the gland must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes the simple wait with some hot-humid decongestant compresses or anti-inflammatory creams is enough, which regress the enlargement of the gland or make it spontaneously open and empty of its contents. Sometimes simple marsupialization may be useful, which consists of surgical opening of the cyst or abscess and making a circular suture around the wound, so that it does not close and allows perfect drying and sclerotization of the area. When the gland is enlarged and not abscessualized, it can be removed in full. The consequences are usually modest, except for the fact that the problem can recur on the other gland: it is important to remember that the Bartholin’s gland is a symmetrical gland (bilateral) and that the inflammatory phenomenon can therefore also occur on the opposite side of the vulva. The hair removal procedure can be irritating to the area and become a contributory cause of the development of cysts and possibly abscesses. Laser hair removal, being able to be definitive, could limit the problem or make it disappear. In some cases, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories may be useful. It is advisable to agree on how to use these practices with your general practitioner or gynecologist.

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