Are you on a diet? Four tricks to avoid hunger attacks

Appetite, unpleasant travel companion of those who are trying to lose weight.

There is the Dukan diet, the zone diet and the metabolic diet, just to name a few. They may be very different from each other, the slimming regimens, but one thing unites them: the inevitable hunger attacks.

What to do when the stomach rumbles? First you need to know that to regulate appetite are several hormones, the main ones are ghrelin, cortisol and leptin. They are the ones who tell us “You are hungry” and push us into the temptation of a snack. But there’s good news: we can keep them at bay in four ways.

Sleep rhymes with weight loss

It has been shown in a recent study conducted at the University of Chicago that a blank night causes a rise in ghrelin and therefore the inevitable hunger attack the next day.

If you are on a diet it is therefore essential to dedicate at least 7-8 hours per night to sleep. If you want to know more about this topic read this article.

Avoid fast food

Fried foods and foods rich in animal fats, in addition to being supercaloric, increase ghrelin levels. In addition to stimulating the sense of hunger, this hormone also promotes the formation of fat deposits in the body.

An investigation by Emory University, USA, recently showed that healthy and unsophisticated foods lower ghrelin levels. And with them the sense of hunger and lipid deposits decrease.

Eat slowly

It takes at least 20 minutes for hormones to tell the brain, “You’re full.” So, to avoid introducing more calories than necessary, it is crucial to chew slowly.

It can also be useful to drink some water between bites, or place the fork on the table while chewing. A habit that also helps digestion, as indicated in this article.

Put a stop to stress

To reduce hunger attacks it is essential to reduce the rate of stress. In fact, nervous tensions do nothing but increase cortisol, another hormone that stimulates appetite. What? There are many ways. One that works well is described in this article.

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